Verdane Capital Advisors advises six secondary direct funds and a number of co-investment vehicles, together accounting for over 900m in committed capital.

The funds invest by providing liquidity solutions to owners of unlisted assets. Investments are primarily made in companies active in consumer internet, software, energy and advanced industry. The majority of investments are growth stage, but the funds can invest in companies at any stage of development.

Fund Vintage    Size Status
Verdane Capital IV 2003 Nkr 790m  Fully invested
Verdane Capital V 2005 Skr 1,100m Fully invested
Verdane Capital VI 2007 Skr 1,000m Fully invested
Verdane Capital VII 2009 Skr 1,500m Fully invested
Verdane Capital VIII 2013 Skr 2,000m Investing
Verdane Capita IX 2016 Skr 3,000m Investing
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