Bythjul Norden AB

Verdane Capital V acquired shares in Bythjul Norden AB (Bythjul) in 2006 and sold the company in 2014 to Mobivia Groupe. Revenues had grown more than six times over that period and the company had become a truly Nordic business.

At time of investment:
  • Bythjul is an online rims and tyres retailer with real operations only in Sweden.
  • The company has revenues of Skr 30m.
Important actions by Verdane Capital Advisors since Verdane funds’ investment:
  • Verdane Capital Advisors helped the company expand into the other Nordic markets, such that the company already in 2008 had business in Denmark, Finland and Norway, in addition to Sweden.
  • Also, implemented improved financial and operational control systems.
  • Strengthened the management team with new hires, including CEO, CFO and customer support manager positions.
  • Verdane Capital Advisors led the sale to international trade buyer Mobivia Groupe in 2014. Bythjul had approximately Skr 200m in revenues in 2014.