Growth focused ownership

Verdane fundsí goal is to always deliver more than capital. Based on its sector knowledge, Verdane Capital Advisors invest the time required to understand the challenges and opportunities facing each business, and help create structured action plans to address, or nurture, these.

Realised core companies have grown revenues over 20% per year on average during Verdane funds’ ownership. Verdane funds share the long term view of company owners and are similarly involved in all aspects of the business. They always take a seat on the board of the funds’ key portfolio companies and work in close co-operation with company management.

Making companies grow
Verdane funds want companies to grow and develop, with the help of the skilled and experienced team of business builders and investors at Verdane Capital Advisors. The pooled knowledge of this team, and its learnings from past successes and mistakes, is the most valuable contribution the funds make to their investments. Verdane Capital Advisors get involved in most aspects of the business such as strategy, operations, sales and marketing and finance. The companies also benefit from the Verdane Capital Advisors’ extensive networks, in the Nordics and internationally. These are enablers for introductions to potential industrial, commercial or channel partners, key management hires, board members and local advisers in new regions. 

Enabling international expansion
The companies that Verdane funds invest in are most often Nordic, or have originated in the Nordics. Operational and investment models in most industries are however becoming global, and growing companies must increasingly operate across international borders. Verdane funds can help companies scale internationally and identify growth opportunities outside their established geographic regions. Of the Funds’ approximately 30 core holdings, one fifth are headquartered in the US or the UK.
Preparing for the next phase of ownership
Devising the right exit strategy is essential to Verdane funds. Aligning stakeholders’ interests through an open dialogue around a timely sale is important for all parties, and achieving a successful outcome for all stakeholders upon exit typically requires careful planning over several years. Operational success is critical, but there are often other factors that define a great exit. Verdane Capital Advisors work closely with company management to help formulate and execute a successful exit strategy.