Funds advised by Verdane Capital Advisors have a long track record of investing in small and medium-sized Nordic high-growth businesses. The firm was founded in 2003, when Bjarne Lie and Thomas Falck spun out of Norwegian venture capital firm Four Seasons Venture.

Verdane Capital was formed in 2003, when Bjarne Lie and Thomas Falck spun out of a Norwegian venture capital firm, Four Seasons Venture, to acquire a portfolio of 96 unlisted holdings from the Norwegian government, SND Invest. This was the first material portfolio acquisition in the Nordic market, and the starting point of Verdane’s flexible acquisition and growth focused investment strategy.


Four Seasons Venture had roots dating back to 1985, when it was founded by Birger Nergaard as Advent International's Norwegian affiliate, to make venture investments in the Norwegian market. Nergaard was joined in 1986 by Gunnar Rydning.


Since 2003, Verdane focuses on growth investments, and pursues a flexible sourcing strategy which enables the funds to acquire companies both ‘in bulk’ and one by one. Verdane Capital and Four Seasons Venture were merged back together again in 2005 and took the name Verdane Capital in 2006, but the venture strategy from 1985 is no longer active.


Verdane Capital established its Stockholm office in 2005, following a portfolio transaction with Skandia. In 2011, the Helsinki office opened following the Eqvitec Technology Fund II & III transactions. The first large Danish transaction was completed in 2013 and the first portfolio transaction with a German seller closed in 2016.